• soybean extract - soybean lecithin

What are the functions and benefits of soybean extract - soybean lecithin?

Natural soybean lecithin is derived from soybean extract and then refined to obtain higher purity lecithin. Phospholipids are the active components of lecithin, which is a mixture of many active ingredients.

Lecithin exists in every cell of the human body and is more concentrated in the brain and nervous system, blood circulatory system, immune system, liver, heart, kidney, and other important organs, and is the main component of cell membranes.

soybean extract - soybean lecithin

The metabolic process of cells is regulated by the cell membrane. Supplementing lecithin to the human body means that the damaged cell membrane can be repaired, the function of the cell membrane can be improved, the cell membrane can be softened and rejuvenated, and cell activity can be increased. It can improve the body's metabolic ability, self-healing ability, and antibody tissue regeneration ability, and enhance the human body's vitality.

People can ingest the necessary soybean extract - soybean lecithin by directly eating soybeans. However, the content of phospholipids in soybeans is very low, only 0.5% and the content of phosphatidylcholine (PC) is even lower. Therefore, it is very necessary to supplement a certain amount of refined soybean lecithin and a sufficient amount of PC every day.

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