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What are the health benefits of drinking high-quality Tongkat Ali soaked in water?

Malaysia is especially known for its precious plant Tongkat Ali, which has earned it the reputation of Nanyang ginseng. It is a wild shrub that grows in the tropical rainforest and takes more than five years to mature. The plant active ingredients found in its roots have a variety of functions. One of its most renowned properties is to invigorate the kidney. 

Along with that, Tongkat Ali root extract can also significantly help to improve sexual dysfunction. Furthermore, its ingestion can also help to bolster human immunity, reduce fatigue, and help restore energy levels. Over the years, it has become increasingly popular with those looking to reap the many health benefits of the magical herb. It is also used in everyday recipes and is a common ingredient in Malaysian traditional medicine. All this makes Tongkat Ali a precious plant indeed.

Drinking Tongkat Ali soaked in water may have several beneficial health effects, especially those related to male reproductive health. Tongkat Ali extracts Eurycomanone is often made into a tea which is known to have many beneficial effects, likely due to its high content of bioactive compounds and chemical compounds like phytosterols and quassinoids. 

When Tongkat Ali is soaked in water, it gains a transparent yellow color and sweet taste. Once dark red, it has a slightly bitter taste. Studies have shown that this type of prepared Tongkat Ali can have significant effects on testosterone concentrations, sperm motility, and quantity. 

While this information is promising, more research is needed to confirm or disprove these claims. Nonetheless, Tongkat Ali is a health supplement that men should consider using to improve their fertility and reproductive health.

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