• Papaya Extract

What are the healthcare benefits of papaya extract?

Papaya is a healthcare fruit with high nutritional value. Eating more papaya has health care effects such as moisturizing the lungs, anti-aging, softening blood vessels, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and enhancing physical fitness. Ripe papaya is enough to meet the daily vitamin A and vitamin C needs of adults.

Papaya extract - papain, has excellent achievements in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Benefits of papaya extract: Papaya extract is rich in papain, chymotrypsin, rennet, multivitamins, papaine, carotene, flavonoids, and other nutrients.

Papaya fruit can be eaten fresh, or the immature fruit can be picked as a vegetable and eaten after cooking or pickling, it can also be processed into candied fruit, juice, jam, preserved fruit, canned food, etc., and can also be used as feed, etc.; papaya fruit, seeds, and leaves are both medicinal; immature papaya extract is rich in papain, widely used in medicine, food, leather, textile, and beauty, is the main raw material of papain industry.

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