• white kidney bean extract

What is the reason for the popularity of white kidney beans recently?

White kidney bean extract is one of the healthy foods that has been popular recently. The α-Amylase Inhibitor in white kidney bean extract can inhibit the enzyme responsible for digesting starch in the human body, thereby regulating blood sugar and assisting weight loss.

White kidney bean extract can improve glucose metabolism, help reduce amylase breakdown, and as a supplement, it can be beneficial in weight loss programs.

Amylase inhibitor, a type of protein. The total composition of white kidney beans only accounts for about 0.3%-0.4%. In other words, in order to get 1 gram of amylase inhibitor, 300-400 grams of raw beans need to be used.

In order to obtain precious amylase inhibitors, various extraction methods have been invented. Water is an essential solvent, and in order to improve efficiency, salt, ethanol, and other ingredients can also be added to the water to promote the precipitation of active ingredients in white kidney beans and reduce the difficulty of the extraction process.

However, these additional ingredients can also have irreversible effects on the purity and activity of the amylase inhibitor. Therefore, the Pharmacopoeia of Health Canada clearly stipulates that white kidney bean extract as healthy food can only be extracted with pure water.

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