• Echinacea Extract

Why is echinacea extract of general interest?

Echinacea is one of the traditional immune-regulating medicinal herbs in the world, and it is also one of the most widely used herbs in the world. It has high ornamental value and medicinal value. Especially since COVID-19, it has received widespread attention at home and abroad; echinacea series products include echinacea extract, and echinacea granules, which can be applied in different environments.

The main components of Echinacea Extract Ratio Extract 4:1 include Echinacea polyphenols, cichoric acid, caffeic acid, hydrocarbon amide compounds, etc., which have antibacterial, antiviral, enhance human immunity, improve cell activity, and other effects, can be used for disease prevention, treatment cold, toothache, and other trauma, etc. At present, Echinacea extract has been promoted and applied in many countries around the world.

With the continuous improvement of market recognition, the application field of echinacea extract has gradually expanded to health care products, food, feed, cosmetics, dietary supplements, and other fields. Common echinacea extract supplements on the market include echinacea compound nutrition lozenges and echinacea essence capsules, etc.

Benefits of Echinacea Extract:

1. The finished product of echinacea extract is mainly used in functional health products, as a dietary supplement, to strengthen the immune system, antibacterial and antiviral, and shorten the course of colds; echinacea extract can be used in nutritional lozenges, and echinacea granules can be used in lozenges or capsules, Echinacea extract can be used in products such as drops.

2. Echinacea extract can be used as a feed additive for poultry and livestock to prevent epidemic diseases such as respiratory tract, stimulate the immune response, replace antibiotics, and enhance and improve the immunity and resistance of poultry and livestock.

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