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Why Sucralose Is Called "The Most Ideal Artificial Sweetener"?

Sweeteners refer to food additives that impart sweetness to food or feed. According to their sources, they can be divided into two categories: natural sweeteners and artificial sweeteners.

In recent years, non-nutritive sweeteners with better quality and higher safety have been developed in the world, and sucralose is one of the representative varieties. 

Sucralose vs sugar

Sucralose is the most perfect and competitive sweetener among artificial sweeteners. It has excellent properties such as high sweetness, good flavor, non-nutrition, long storage period, low calorific value, and high safety.

Application advantages of sucralose CAS No. 56038-13-2:

1. Taste

Sucralose has the closest taste to sucrose and is a major achievement in the development of high-intensity sweeteners.

2. Security

The sweetness of sucralose is very close to sucrose, and it is very stable to heat, acid, and alkali, and has high safety.

3. Wide range of applications

It can be used in high-temperature food, fermented food, low-sugar health food, canned food, preserved food, etc.

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