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Will natural anti-wrinkle factor - white willow bark extract become the next hot spot?

The white willow bark extract is the branch or bark extract of the weeping willow of the Salicaceae plant, which can be used medicinally. The main component of white willow bark extract is salicin, and the content of salicin is usually used as an indicator of the quality of white willow bark extract. As "natural aspirin", in recent years, white willow bark extract has been used as an ingredient in many cosmetics, medicine, health care, and other products.

Clinical studies have found that a daily intake of 1360mg white willow bark extract (containing 240mg salicin) can relieve joint pain and arthritis after two weeks. Using high doses of white willow bark extract may also help with low back pain and is especially effective for high fever headaches.

Traditionally, salicin has been a potent anti-inflammatory ingredient used to heal wounds, relieve muscle pain, and more. With the continuous research on white willow bark extract, researchers found that it also has anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory, and anti-acne skincare effects.

In terms of application, white willow bark extract has been used in the health food market in the United States and Europe to produce dietary supplements for anti-inflammation, etc. In terms of anti-aging, it is mainly used in the cosmetics industry. Its performance in resisting skin aging is similar to that of rapamycin, both of which are achieved by regulating skin collagen, but white willow bark extract for skin has higher safety.

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