Wolfberry is the most low-key "health master"

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, wolfberry nourishes the liver and kidney, has a nourishing and soothing effect on our internal organs, and can also beautify the face.

Black wolfberry is a new variety in recent years. It contains a lot of anthocyanins and also has functions related to wolfberry, such as nourishing liver and kidney, improving eyesight and anti-aging. It is stronger in antioxidants, but not as nourishing as red wolfberry. Anthocyanins can be obtained from other foods, such as eggplant and purple cabbage, which are more affordable than black wolfberry.

How should wolfberry be combined? 

1.Wolfberry porridge, a good tonic in autumn

Lycium barbarum can be made into soups with Sydney, lily, tremella, hawthorn, etc., or take an appropriate amount of wolfberry, wash it, and cook porridge with japonica rice. 

wolfberry powder

2.Goji Bone Soup, strengthens muscles and bones

When cooking bone soup or turtle soup, put some wolfberry in it, and combine with dogwood, Shudi, Achyranthes huai and other medicinal materials, the effect of strengthening muscles and bones will be better. 

3.Hawthorn and wolfberry drink, nourishes yin and promotes body fluid

The fresh product has the best effect when chewed directly. The dried product is compatible with hawthorn, schisandra, mulberry, jujube seed, green tea, etc., decocted in water, or boiled with pears, apples and other fruits, and the effect is also very good. 

Although there are many ways to eat wolfberry, dry chewing or wolfberry powder is the best choice. High temperature will destroy the vitamins in wolfberry, but it has no effect on other nourishing effects. 

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